An introduction to one- and two-dimensional lineshape analysis

13 Mar 2023

We're pleased to present an article on NMR lineshape analysis as part of J Magn Reson Open's excellent series of primers. We review the fundamentals of chemical exchange in NMR, the principles of one- and two-dimensional lineshape analysis, and give detailed examples of calculations, in the hope that this might encourage new users to explore this powerful analytical technique.

Check out our full publication list or go straight to the pdf.

Welcoming new members

8 Mar 2023

This month we've welcomed two new PhD students to the group, Kleopatra Savvidou and Pallavi Ramsahye. Find out more here.

Merry Christmas!

20 Dec 2022

As our first term comes to a close, many thanks to everyone in SoP and at UCL for helping the group get settled in. It's been a joy to see our first experiments being performed, and we look forward to sharing these results and more in due course. From everyone in the group, have a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Meet the team

7 Oct 2022

As term begins, we're delighted to welcome four new PhD, masters and undergraduate students to the team. Find out more here.

Re-opening of the SoP NMR facility

22 Sep 2022

Today marked the re-opening of the upgraded NMR facility within the School of Pharmacy. A new 600 MHz instrument with QCI-F cryoprobe and extensive automation capabilities will provide unique opportunities for biomolecular NMR, high-throughput screening and metabolomics projects across UCL, while the re-consoled 400 MHz with BBFO iProbe provides access for our synthetic chemists to state-of-the-art experiments and multi-nuclear capabilities.

The Waudby Group opens at UCL

6 June 2022

First day for the Waudby group in the UCL School of Pharmacy. The group intends to develop and apply solution-state NMR methods to study the mechanisms of interactions in diverse molecular systems. We are situated within the UCL School of Pharmacy in the heart of London, where we aim to create a diverse, collaborative and outward-looking research group.