Open Positions

We welcome researchers who wish to undertake a fellowship within the group, and have experience in successfully supporting such applications. Please get in touch with Chris by email to discuss potential funding schemes and project proposals.

Chris Waudby

Group Leader

Chris read Chemistry as an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Cambridge (St John's College). Following his doctoral research into the mechanisms of protein misfolding and aggregation in the group of Prof Chris Dobson, Chris joined Prof John Christodoulou in the Department of Structural and Molecular Biology at UCL, leading efforts to apply NMR spectroscopy to the study of protein synthesis and co-translational folding of nascent chains on the ribosome and within living cells. He joined the UCL School of Pharmacy as a Lecturer in Biomolecular NMR in June 2022.

Sophia Hazlett

PhD Student

Sophia graduated from UNC where she completed research in the Pielak lab on the crowding effects of sugar-based polymers on protein-complex formation. Sophia's current research focuses on the application of NMR lineshape analysis methods to accelerate fragment lead development.

Kleopatra Savvidou

PhD Student

Kleopatra holds a degree in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Leicester. During this time, she conducted research in the Cowley lab, examining the role of two novel PROTACs on class-I Histone Deacetylases and explored the critical domains of the SIN3A deacetylase complex in transcription. Currently, Kleopatra is researching how misfolded proteins are sensed in the endoplasmic reticulum. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, hiking and swimming.

Pallavi Ramsahye

PhD Student

Kitty Gong

MRes Student

Nutta-uea Thanganekcharoen

MSc Drug Discovery Student

Yuxuan Qi

MSc Drug Discovery Student

Zeyu Chen

MSc Drug Discovery Student



Past members

Kar Mun Chong
MPharm, 2022
Lucy Walker-Fearns
MPharm, 2022