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Book Reviews

  1. Waudby CA, Christodoulou J. ChemBioChem (2013). NMR of Biomolecules: Towards Mechanistic Systems Biology.

Selected talks

  • RSC CBBG Forum (Belfast, Jan 2023). TITAN: Getting the most from NMR titration experiments with two-dimensional lineshape analysis.
  • SBGrid Seminar (Jan 2023). TITAN: Getting the most from NMR titration experiments with two-dimensional lineshape analysis.
  • RSC NMRDG (London, December 2022). Analysis of side-chain dynamics using slow-relaxing methyl quadruple-quantum coherences.
  • Advanced Isotopic Labelling Methods (Grenoble, September 2022). NMR without labelling: High-resolution ex vivo spectroscopy of patient-derived, disease-associated α1-antitrypsin variants.
  • Global NMR Twitter Conference (Aug 2022). NMRTools.jl: a simple, open source interface for NMR data in Julia.
  • EUROMAR (Utrecht, Jul 2022). Analysis of sidechain dynamics using slowly-relaxing methyl quadruple-quantum coherences.
  • CCPN (Ambleside, Aug 2021). Probing chemical exchange using multiple-quantum coherences.
  • Global NMR Discussion Meetings (June 2021). Two-dimensional lineshape analysis of biomolecular interactions.
  • ELRIG (Feb 2021). New developments in the analysis of molecular interactions using NMR spectroscopy.
  • ICMRBS ECR Webinar (Sep 2020). High-resolution ex vivo NMR spectroscopy of human Z ɑ1-antitrypsin.
  • ENC (Baltimore, Mar 2020). Dissecting interactions of nascent chains with the ribosome surface using NMR spectroscopy.
  • British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting (Nottingham, Apr 2019). Dissecting the interactions of nascent chains with the ribosome surface: an intrinsic holdase activity of the ribosome surface?
  • London NMR Forum (London, Jan 2019). New developments in two-dimensional NMR lineshape analysis.
  • ICMRBS (Dublin, Aug 2018). High-resolution 2D NMR spectroscopy of patient-derived glycoproteins at natural isotopic abundance.
  • EUROMAR (Nantes, Jul 2018). Quantifying ribosome-nascent chain interactions and intracellular quinary structure using adaptively sampled measurements of cross-correlated relaxation in methyl spin systems.
  • British/Belgian Biophysical Societies (Brussells, Feb 2018). Mapping the free energy landscapes for co-translational folding of a filamin domain.