Interactive workbooks

Pluto (Julia) workbooks for the exploration of chemical exchange in NMR

A pair of interactive workbooks, written in Julia using Pluto, are available for the exploration of chemical exchange in one-dimensional NMR. Exchange parameters can be varied using the sliders provided, and plots can be saved as pdfs for use in teaching material or other purposes. These notebooks can be downloaded from GitHub and run locally. Alternatively, they can be run through your browser directly through Binder using the links below. Please note that this may be slow to launch.

Citation: Waudby CA, Alfonso I. J Magn Reson Open 16-17 100102 (2023). An introduction to one- and two-dimensional lineshape analysis of chemically exchanging systems.

Video Lectures

Two-dimensional lineshape analysis of biomolecular interactions

22 June 2021, Global NMR Discussion Meetings.